How do I share an idea?

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How do I share an idea?

Every idea needs to be shared so people know what your selling or doing, and at the same time to find an investor, business partner, and even an employee.

There are people who have the fear of sharing an idea that could potentially worth Billions; someone might grab that idea and do it faster and better. In reality, there will be people who will take your idea and run with it, but they won’t be able to do it the same as how you do it and they won’t be able to grow that idea.

The best way to share an idea is to say it’s an idea instead of a business plan.
For example: “I have an idea that could help change the way we edit photos online”
instead of: “I have an idea to build a photo editing software that can be done online”

To protect your idea from a potential competitor, you share your idea as vague as possible and make it a visionary statement instead of a strategic business plan statement. With this method, you may even find the perfect investor who likes your vision more, you pull them to another day where you can talk further.

By not sharing your idea with anyone, you won’t be able to get back any feedback, find your future partner, or even an investor.

A quote I heard years ago by someone once said: “Share your ideas, not the strategy and tactics”

Additionally, when you’re expanding your idea to someone, never share your strategy and tactics at the same time. Just share your strategy or your tactics, never both on the same conversation; that’s giving away your business plan.

29 May 2021