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Product Upload

We could upload a product really fast when there is a template provided by a company. Photos and Copywrite ready at your disposal. Imagine ten or a hundred people around the world used the same images and the same Copywrite, uploaded to the same Online Platform. 

How do you stand out when everyone looks the same?
Chances are you might get the sales if your among the first to upload the product, but more likely you won’t sustain long when there are more people doing the same.

The best is always to make your own images and make your own Copywrite. It will take some time to make one and if you’re not good at it, just make a simple change to be different. 
Imagine your buying a shirt from a store, other people could buy the same shirt as yours, how do you be different?
You would be wearing the same shirt as everyone, but people still know you because you are wearing different pants and shoes. The odds for someone to wear the exact same clothing as you on the same day and place is rare.  

So, take some time and try to add your own signature to every product upload you do. A little change makes a big difference in the red ocean.

28 May 2021